TU Delft in SiW2023

TU Delft in Science is Wonderful 2023

Science is Wonderful is an event organized by the European Commission. The aim of the event is to disseminate the research done by various institutions to elementary and high school students. The event was held over two days in Brussels and was attended by approximately 4,000 students accompanied by their teachers or parents. The high attendance came with a high diversity of backgrounds in terms of culture, socioeconomic levels, and languages. The event had three official languages, English, Dutch and French, and the organizers provided a team of translators to help the various booths.

Our demonstration explained kids the concepts of wireless communication using flashlights and robots. Snapshots of our platform and our activity are shown in the figures below.

We divided the area of our booth into three zones. The first zone was the demo area, where we had a screen for a short presentation we prepared about how wireless communication works with light. During the presentation, we showed a short demo of how to use our platform. The other zones were two “delimited areas” where the students could play with the system based on the game we designed.

Link: https://www.vo-europe.eu/work/science-is-wonderful-23/

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