Training Event 1 – Teaser Video

The ENLIGHT’EM project was part of the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN2020). We have organized 2 tutorials on Visible Light Communication, from an Academic and Industrial Perspective. ENLIGHT’EM project takes the potential of LEDs as low-energy and sustainable illumination technology to the next level unleashing its full possibilities for emerging IoT services while retaining its original strong advantages.

The first part had strong industrial content and covered three main areas:

  1. The importance of the visible light spectrum for future communication networks
  2. Current products, prospective applications, and ongoing work in the R&D labs of some companies
  3.  Standardization efforts.

The second part had strong academic content and included four parts:

  1. Hardware Layer: Optical materials used as transmitters and receivers
  2. Physical Layer: Modulation techniques
  3. MAC & Upper Layers plus a demonstration
  4. Discussion on various research directions using visible light for communication and sensing.

This tutorial is part of the Early Stage Researchers’ training program, which aim is to provide them with the know-how to contribute to the development of the IoT in the world of 5G and beyond. You can see the training program schedule here

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