Science and Innovation Week 2020: Green Light for the Earth

Green light for the Earth (Luz verde para la Tierra)

Educational talk (demo) about sustainable technology (creation of wireless devices without need for batteries)

Due to the ever-increasing usage of wireless communication systems and the uptake of Internet of Things (IoT), the carbon footprint caused by communication keeps increasing. Battery disposal causes harm to the environment, and, as the number of IoT grows, replacing the battery of each IoT device on earth is not viable anymore.

We gave an educational talk about the need of creating sustainable technology, accompanied by a demo, where we  showed an IoT device that operates without batteries and it can communicate its data to Internet. Cutting-edge LiFi and RF backscatter technologies are merged for sustainable communication.

Day: 11-November-2020

Time: 10:00 am-11.00 am ; 16.00pm  -17.00 pm


Domenico Giustiniano (Research Associate Professor)
Borja Genovés (Post-Doc Researcher)
Muhammad Sarmad Shahab Mir (PhD Student)
Ambuj Varshney (Postdoctoral Researcher at University of California, Berkeley)


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