A tutorial on Visible Light Communication: An Academic and Industrial Perspective

The ENLIGHT’EM project was part of the International Conference on Embedded Wireless Systems and Networks (EWSN2020) in Lyon, France. We have organized 2 tutorial on Visible Light Communication, from an Academic and Industrial Perspective. These tutorials took place on the 17/02/2020 in two slots (morning and afternoon session).

1.1 Introduction to ENLIGHTEM project – Stepan Kucera (Nokia)

1.2 Importance of Visible Light Spectrum – Stepan Kucera (Nokia)

1.3 Light as a Medium: Pros & Cons – Stepan Kucera (Nokia)

1.4 Deployment & Integration – Stepan Kucera (Nokia)

2.1 Applications – Nikola Serafimovski (pureLiFi)

2.2 Applications – Usman Raza (Toshiba)

2.3 Applications – Bassam Aly Mohamed (Ford-Otosan)

3.1 IEEE Standards for Optical Wireless Communications – Nikola Serafimovski (pureLiFi)

4.1 VLC Hardware Layer: Transmitters – Borja Genovés (IMDEA Networks)

4.2 VLC Hardware Layer: Receivers – Borja Genovés (IMDEA Networks)

4.3 VLC Hardware Layer: Additional Materials – Borja Genovés (IMDEA Networks)

5.1 VLC Audio Demo – Wasiu Popoola (The University of Edinburgh)

5.2 Basic and Advance Modulation Techniques 1/2 – Wasiu Popoola (The University of Edinburgh)

5.3 Basic and Advance Modulation Techniques 2/2 – Wasiu Popoola (The University of Edinburgh)

6.1 OpenVLC Demo – Domenico Giustiniano (IMDEA Networks)

6.2 MAC, Networks and Transport Layers – Domenico Giustiniano (IMDEA Networks)

7.1 LED to Camera Communication – Marco Zúñiga (TU Delft)

7.2 Backscattering & Passive Communication – Marco Zúñiga (TU Delft)