Training on Research Organization and Personal Management (Virtual Event) 20-21 July 2020

On the 20-21 of July, the Training Event 2 has taken place, held as an online session. This training about Research Skills, organized by IMDEA Networks and The University of Edinburgh, was divided in 2 morning sessions, the first one about Research Organization and Personal Management, and the second one focused on Transversal Research Skills and Impact.

1.1 Meaning of being a researcher & Tips for an effective use of time – Joerg Widmer (IMDEA Networks)

1.2 Some thoughts on being a researcher – Dr. Albert Banchs (IMDEA Networks)

1.3 Industry and academia: Collaboration models – Dr. Andrés García Saavedra (NEC Labs Europe)

1.4 Thesis roadmap and the contents of an effective thesis – Dr. Borja Genovés (IMDEA Networks)

1.5 How to write papers effectively – Dr. Domenico Giustiniano (IMDEA Networks)

1.6 Emotional intelligence, assertiveness and conflict management – Javier Hervás (IMDEA Networks)

2.1 Effective Literature survey and review – Dr. Wasiu Popoola (The University of Edinburgh)

2.2 Managing your research project – Dr. Stefan Videv (LiFi R&D Center)

2.3 Overcoming challenges common to doctoral researchers – Dr. Nick Polydorides (The U.of Edinburgh)

3.1 Research Communication/Dissemination – Dr. Wasiu Popoola (The University of Edinburgh)

3.2 Research Commercialisation and Intellectual Property Protection – Andy Aitken (pureLiFi)