European Researchers’ Night 2021 - Izmir (Turkey)

GREEN NIGHT is a European Researchers’ Night project funded by the European Commission under HORIZON 2020 in the framework of the Marie Sklodowska Curie actions. GREEN NIGHT project is coordinated by Yaşar University; and Ege University, Izmir Institute of Technology, Izmir Katip Çelebi University and Izmir Provincial Directorate of National Education are partners in the project. Taking its name from the European Green Deal, GREEN NIGHT stands on the main pillars and policy areas of the strategy with a general outlook on how science can support the aims and targets set out for Europe’s near future. The current global climate emergency urges an immediate and large-scale response from the countries. For the first time, climate change and environmental issues are seen to have migrated to the center of global policymaking.

The GREEN NIGHT was held both face-to-face and online. The objective was to highlights the importance of raising awareness of the general public, especially young people, on the necessity of the green transformation for the future of our planet. Additionally, the GREEN NIGHT sought to emphasize the need protect and restore natural ecosystems for sustainability. As a result, the focus was on energy, food, waste, and transportation, and the role of science in achieving this transformation.

As beneficiaries of ENLIGHT’EM project, we organized a seminar as part of the GREEN NIGHT which we dubbed ‘LiFi: A Green Technology for Wireless Access.’ We had the option of attending the GREEN NIGHT in-person or presenting our seminar online. After evaluating the risk factors with respect to covid-19, we decided to go with an online seminar. In the seminar, we introduced LiFi technology and explained in basic terms how information transfer over visible light medium is made possible. This was followed by the advantages of LiFi communication where we emphasized how the wide and unlicensed bandwidth available in the visible light band will aid in meeting the ever-growing demand for wireless data access. More importantly, we emphasized the green nature of LiFi technology as a result of recent advances in development of energy-efficient solid-state lightning devices. Applications of LiFi including indoor wireless access, vehicular networking and underwater networking were also presented to our audience in a way to create awareness and drive home the need for acceptance of the LiFi technology. Additionally, each ESR briefly gave a talk about their research work in ENLIGHT’EM project. The seminar lasted for about 30 minutes and a total of 9 people were in attendance.