Kien Ngo

Project: Integration of Visible Light and Radio Frequency Communication in the Network Access

Host: Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy)

PhD: Università degli Studi di Palermo (Italy)

Supervisor: Dr. I. Tinnirello

Ciao! My name is Ngo Trung Kien. I am from Vietnam. My friends call me Kien or Keeni. I have been known as big fan of football and Italian culture. My favorite team is Inter Milan. That is one of the reasons why I choose to study at Università degli Studi di Palermo in ENLIGHT’EM project.

My goal is to become an expert in visible light communication and developing a useful VLC application to the world. Moreover, I will spread the knowledge and gather people to contribute to the VLC technology in the future.

My research will help fill out the knowledge gap about the architecture, design and implementation between visible light communication and existing radio frequency technology.

The Visible Light Communication (VLC) suited as an additional high-speed data layer in a heterogeneous network environment, providing an alternative wireless data link in some use cases, such as private homes, offices as well as other security environmentsThere are three aspect increases the attractiveness of VLC. Firstly, the huge bandwidth in the visible part of the optical electromagnetic spectrum. That might be a solution for the lack of frequency in the traditional system which is getting more and more critical to improving the system performance. Secondly, the isolation in a short-range should be advantages as the system does not require a complicated algorithm to solve the electromagnetic interference compared to the existing radio system. Finally, the cheap cost for implementation and security are vitally important to push the VLC might be a good candidate for developing to support next-generation network.

The disadvantage of VLC is the lack of integration architecture between VLC and radio frequency (RF) network and keeping connectivity stable in mobility environment.

The main research areas are:

  • Integration of VLC and RF by building the hybrid architectures to build pervasive VLC systems that complement RF.
  • Intelligent technology selection and various handover strategies to provide seamless connectivity in high-density scenarios.

In doing so, the research will create a further understanding of the hybrid VLC and RF system. Moreover, we propose a state-of-the-art architecture to take all the advantages of both VLC and RF. Furthermore, we will be developing and analyzing the system with a variety of techniques to provide better performance and reliability for the hybrid architecture.

Trung Ngo, Kien; Mangione, Stefano; Tinnirello, Ilenia (October 2023)
Poster: “A Novel Intelligent Management System Architecture for Hybrid VLC/RF Systems in Smart Retail Environment” BEST POSTER AWARD
The 29th Annual International Conference On Mobile Computing And Networking (ACM MobiCom) 2-6 Oct 2023, Madrid, Spain

Trung Ngo, Kien; Giuliano, Fabrizio; Mangione, Stefano; Farnham, Tim; Tinnirello, Ilenia (May 2023)
“Seamless Handover in Hybrid VLC and WiFi network: a testbed scenario”
The 12th International Conference on Communications, Circuits, and Systems (ICCCAS), Singapore, 5-7 May

Trung Ngo, Kien, Giuliano, Fabrizio; Croce, Daniele; Mangione, Stefano; Tinnirello, Ilenia; Garbo, Giovanni (October 2022)
“Hybrid VLC/WiFi Architectures with Priority Feedback Channels”
FITCE 2022 Rome, Italy, 29-30 September

Trung Ngo, Kien; Mangione, Stefano; Tinnirello, Ilenia (June 2021)
“Exploiting EDCA for Feedback Channels in Hybrid VLC/WiFi Architectures”
19th Mediterranean Communication and Computer Networking Conference (MedComNet 2021), Virtual Conference, 15-17 June 2021