Gianluca Martena

Project: Algorithms for Joint Reconfiguration of Smart Lighting and LiFi Access Points in Dense Deployments

Host: pureLiFi (United Kingdom)

PhD: University of Strathclyde (United Kingdom)

Supervisor: Dr. R. Bian

Hi all, my name is Gianluca and I come from the sunny south of Italy.

My childhood has been filled with way more Lego sets than our house could contain, and the fact that I wasn't at all interested in having a well-rounded collection more than I was in satisfying the craving for mixing and re-building them in many different forms, only made it natural for me to become a researcher in engineering.

After work you can easily find me (exercising on) composing orchestral music for film scores and videogames, or actually playing videogames, which is something I never really left behind since when I was a child. Other interests, not necessarily in order of priority: having a beer in company and making friends, photography, cooking, football (whenever Juventus is playing).

According to many studies, radiofrequency communications (like mobile phone networks) is going to suffer from a too high demand for faster and larger amounts of data for a number of devices that are estimated to be more than 28 billions in 2021. This challenge can be overcome with complementary technologies like Li-Fi.

Li-Fi is a novel Optical Wireless Communication technology, that uses light emitting diodes (LED) for wireless communication and data transfer; in such a setting, every LED in the network can become an Access Point capable of connecting user equipment (smartphones, wearables, IoT devices) to the internet.

The aim of my research will be to develop algorithms capable of adaptively optimizing the network parameters, so that every connected user equipment receives the best connection quality in terms of speed, reliability and power consumption.

Frometa Fonseca, Dayrene; Genoves Guzman, Borja; Martena, Giovanni Luca; Bian, Rui; Haas, Harald; Giustiniano, Domenico (December 2023)
"A prediction-model-assisted reinforcement learning algorithm for handover decision-making in hybrid LiFi and WiFi networks"
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking, 2023.

Sperga, Janis; Bian, Rui; Sufyan Islim, Mohamed; Kosman, John; Martena, Giovanni Luca; Murphy; Eoin; Haas, Harald (May 2023)
“Thin Receiver Freeform Lenslet Concentrator Array for LiFi”
IEEE ICC 2023 Workshop on Industrial Private 5G-and-beyond Wireless Network (CFP), Rome, Italy, 28 May – 1 June

Martena, Giovanni Luca; Sperga, Janis; Frometa, Dayrene; Bian, Rui; Genovés, Borja; Sufyan Islim, Mohamed; Kosman, John; Haas, Harald (May 2023)
“A Simulation Tool for Interference Analysis in MIMO Wavelength Division LiFi Indoor Networks”
IEEE ICC 2023 Workshop on Industrial Private 5G-and-beyond Wireless Network (CFP), Rome, Italy, 28 May – 1 June

Martena, Giovanni Luca; Bian, Rui; Haas, Harald (May 2022)
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IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), Seoul, South Korea, 16-20 May

Martena, Giovanni Luca; Bian, Rui; Haas, Harald (June 2021)
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Workshop on Internet of Lights – Colocated with ACM MobiSys 2021 (IoL21), Virtual Conference, 25 June 2021