Burak Özyurt

Project: Resilient LiFi for IoT

Host: University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

PhD: University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Supervisor: Dr. W. Popoola

Hi! My name is Ahmet Burak from Turkey. When I was at high school, I realized that math and physic is a kind of magic, puzzle for me. Then, I found myself in engineering school. I received the B.Sc. degrees in both Electronics-Communication Engineering and Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) in 2018. I always interested with not only technical part but also managerial side of engineering. It is very exciting to witness closely the process from the research of a product to reaching the user, isn't it? After completing my B.Sc. thesis in green cellular networks, I decided to study same subject as a M.Sc. student in Information and Communication Engineering at ITU. In the last year of my M.Sc., I was a part of light communication studies in Ericsson Research. By the way, I have an extreme fondness for literature. So much so that I even have a blog where I review more than 150 books. If I can find time from my academic writing one day, I want to focus on the stories.

The random obstruction, random orientation and multiple reflections, which are typical of the IoT. These effects will be modelled and their effects accounted for in the overall system performance and energy budget analysis. Namely, channel modeling and characterization of a LiFi system will proposed with the impact of position, size, and shape of the obstacle. It will also investigated the coordination of multiple access point (AP) within an ultra-dense LiFi network architecture and seamless handover techniques when a node moves from one AP to another. Techniques for mobility management will also be investigated including multi hop node-to-node communication, particularly in the event of a node outage and when a node moves of out an AP coverage.

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