Khadijeh Ali Mahmoodi

Project: Simultaneous Data and Power Transfer

Host: Ozyegin University (Turkey)

PhD: Ozyegin University (Turkey)

Supervisor: Dr. M. Uysal

My name is Khadijeh, I am from a small city named Izeh located at south of Iran. During the school time, as a student, I found my interest in mathematics and having passed the university entrance exam successfully, I decided to major in electrical engineering through which I could practically apply mathematics to problems in different scenarios. Personally, I am very much interested in travelling and getting to know new people and exploring the world. I love cooking and spending time with children and playing with them.

In many applications such as IoT and sensor networks which are powered by batteries, energy efficiency is considerable. To enhance the lifetime of such networks, simultaneous lightwave information and power transfer (SLIPT) was proposed to use the received signal for both communications and energy harvesting. In other words, the light is modulated and transferred through the optical channel and reaches the receiver, which is typically a solar cell in SLIPT systems. The solar cell produces an electrical current which consists of two components including alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The AC component is used for information decoding and the DC one is used for energy harvesting. In this project, we explore SLIPT concepts in different scenarios such as indoor, outdoor, and underwater. We develop mathematical models for SLIPT protocols and derive fundamental performance bounds. Based on that we optimize the harvested energy for a given data rate and a given bit error rate.

Tettey, Daniel K. ; Ali Mahmoodi, Khadijeh; Bonakdar, Roozbeh; Uysal, Murat (October 2023)
Poster: “Vehicular Visible Light Communications with A Solar Panel Receiver”
The 29th Annual International Conference On Mobile Computing And Networking (ACM MobiCom) 2-6 Oct 2023, Madrid, Spain

Ali Mahmoodi, Khadijeh; Elamassie, Mohammed; Uysal, Murat (June 2023)
“Operation Altitude Optimization of Solar-Powered Rotary-Wing UAVs for FSO Backhauling”
Sixth International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking (BalkanCom), Istambul, Turkey, 5-8 June

Ali Mahmoodi, Khadijeh; Uysal, Murat (October 2022)
“Energy Aware Trajectory Optimization of Solar Powered AUVs for Optical Underwater Sensor Networks”
IEEE Transactions on Communications

Ali Mahmoodi, Khadijeh; Uysal, Murat (May 2021)
“AUV Trajectory Optimization for an Optical Underwater Sensor Network in the Presence of Ocean Currents”
 IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking (BlackSeaCom), Virtual Conference, 24-28 May 2021