Tilahun Gutema

Project: Enhanced Energy and Spectrum Efficiency in LiFi

Host: University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

PhD: University of Edinburgh (United Kingdom)

Supervisor: Dr. W. Popoola

In my bachelor’s study in electrical engineering at Addis Ababa University, I came across the quests of scientists and engineers to make the data transmission effective and affordable using optical technologies. That motivated me to study masters in optics and photonics. In the first year of my master’s study, I have studied a wide range of subjects in optics, laser, imaging, optoelectronic components, and signal processing. This gave me a broader perspective in optics and its application in different areas. Later then, I specialized in optical systems and I have studied in detail optical transmitters, waveguides and fibers, optical receivers, and optical networks.

From that, I was able to get a deeper insight not only into the potential of optics in optical communications but also into the biggest challenge that we are facing today in data communications. That is the demand for higher capacity data transmission with energy-efficient ways. That is why I am passionate to work in exploring different ways of addressing this demand.

The most important resources in any communication system including visible light communication are the transmission bandwidth and energy. The throughput of any communication system relies on bandwidth and energy efficiency. Therefore, besides research works envisioned at realizing the LiFi network and increasing its ultimate coverage, enhancement of energy and spectrum efficiency of the network is important.

My PhD research focuses on investigating different techniques of increasing spectrum efficiency considering a given energy per bit and evaluate the energy efficiency associated with that technique. Furthermore, interference mitigation techniques will be investigated to combat interference between LiFi cells in dense networks and evaluate the performance of the system for a static and mobile configuration.

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