Final Training Event

ENLIGHTEM in ACM Mobicom 2023 – Teaser Video

Final Training Event (Madrid, Spain)

Event 10 in our project marks the final training event of the project where we assessed the degree of achievement of our objectives. This event consisted of two main activities: 

Activity 1: Last Project Meeting (September 27) 

The first activity of Event 10 involved the celebration of our last project meeting. On this occasion, each ESR had the opportunity to present a summary of the status of their research from the beginning of the project up to the current date. Additionally, they shared their plans for defending their doctoral theses and their perspectives on how to continue their professional careers after the project concludes. 

Due to the tight schedule of ACM Mobicom, where the meeting was initially planned, we had to advance it by one week and hold it virtually. This allowed students to effectively share their progress and promote interaction and feedback among team members. Each presentation demonstrated the commitment and dedication of our ESRs to their respective research, as well as their determination to achieve success in their future academic and professional challenges. 

Activity 2: Participation in the ACM Mobicom Conference (October 2 to 6) 

The second activity of ENLIGHTEM Event 10 was the participation of our ESRs in the prestigious ACM Mobicom Conference, held in Madrid from October 2 to 6, 2023. In this conference, our students had the opportunity to showcase their research by presenting papers, posters and demonstrations of their projects. For the occasion, IMDEA designed special t-shirts with ENLIGHT’EM logo and name and number of all ESRs to provide a sense of community and increasing team building among ESRs.

As a result of our participation, we presented:  

1 paper in the main conference 

  • “Screen Perturbation: Adversarial Attack and Defense on Under-Screen Camera”, Hanting Ye, Guohao Lan, Jinyuan Jia, Qing Wang. 

  5 posters 

  • “A Novel Intelligent Management System Architecture for Hybrid VLC/RF Systems in Smart Retail Enironment” Kien Trung Ngo, Stefano Mangione, Ilenia Tinnirello. Best Poster Award.
  • “When BLE Meets Light: Multi-modal Fusion for Enhanced Indoor Localization”, Jagdeep Singh, Tim Farnham, Qing Wang.
  • “Experimental Study of Wavy Surface Effects on Uplink Water-Air Optical Camera Communication”, Behnaz Majlesein, Callum T. Geldard, Victor Guerra, J.M. Luna-Rivera, Julio Rufo, Wasiu O. Popoola, Jose Rabadan.
  • “Experimental Investigation of Angle Diversity Receiver for Vehicular VLC”, Daniel K. Tettey, Mohammed Elamassie, Murat Uysal.
  • “Vehicular Visible Light Communications with A Solar Panel Receiver”, Daniel K. Tettey, Khadijeh Ali Mahmoodi, Roozbeh Bonakdar, and Murat Uysal.

1 Demo:  

  • “Demo: Rethinking LiFi for Low-Power and Long Range RF Backscatter”, Dayrene Frometa, Sarmad Mir, Borja Genovés, Ambuj Varshney, Domenico Giustiniano.  

This conference not only served as a valuable platform for our research but also provided an opportunity for the team to come together in support of our ESRs during their presentations. The presence and support of our colleagues and peers at this international event reinforced the sense of community and collaboration that characterizes our project. 

In summary, Event 10 was a moment of celebration and recognition of the achievements reached by ENLIGHT’EM.thus far. The ESR’s presentations at the last project meeting demonstrated their commitment and progress, while their participation in the ACM Mobicom Conference strengthened our presence in the international academic community.  

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