Event 7 – Tutorial in ESWN 2022

Tutorial on Fundamentals of LiFi Design and Applications (EWSN22, Linz, Austria)

Wireless connectivity has instigated phenomenal advancements in our society with monumental socio-economic benefits. From commerce to healthcare and emerging paradigms such as internet of things (IoT), smart home/city, industry 4.0 and many more, wireless connectivity continues to enable new services, applications, products and developments.

To meet our ever-increasing demand for ubiquitous wireless connectivity and sustain future socio-economic growth, communication technology is rapidly advancing with wireless connectivity with lightwave. This idea of wireless connectivity with light is termed LiFi  (it is a networked version of the optical wireless communication technology). The LiFi technology will undoubtedly play an increasingly significant role in the global communication network and infrastructure. This has already been happening in space with the use of laser beams to deliver unprecedented amount of data exchange between satellites and to ground stations.

Thus, this tutorial is pertinent and it is designed to educate and introduce the fundamentals of LiFi technology through lively discussions. Attendees will learn what designing a LiFi system entails. The tutorial promises to stimulate ideas for future application of LiFi beyond those currently envisaged.

Our approach in this tutorial will be a mix of discussions and presentation of LiFi to a much broader audience beyond those researching it.

Schedule: 3- October-2022

Session 1: LiFi Physical Layer Design

Tilahun Gutema
Janis Sperga
Talia Xu
Dayrene Frómeta (open VLC Framework)

Session 2: LiFi Network and System Design

Burak Özyurt
Gianluca Martena
Kien Ngo
Sarmad Mir
Damon Ye

Session 3: LiFi Applications


Ömer Dalgic (Human-computer interaction)
Jagdeep Singh (Positioning)
Behnaz Majlesein (Underwater)
Khadijeh Ali Mahmoodi (Underwater)
Nasir Ashfaq (V2V)
Daniel Tettey (V2V)

Career Talk : Panel Discussion
Topic: Career Paths/Options for Early Career Researchers

Three speakers:
Prof. Thiemo Voigt (Uppsala University): “Research institute vs. University positions”
Prof. Kay Roemer (TU Graz): “How to choose the right research problem”
Prof. Anna Foerster (University of Bremen): “The importance of networking for a scientific career”



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