Event 4 – Training

Training on VLC technology & Research commercialisation

The ENLIGHT’EM project continues its training events this summer. The event 4, organized by The University of Edinburg and pureLiFi on the 16-18 of June, was originally planned as an in-person event, but due to the travel restrictions was held virtual. The purpose of this event is two-fold and leverages the close-by location of The University of Edinburg and pureLiFi for improved efficiency. The first half was led by The University of Edinburg, one of the world’s leading centers in VLC research, and had the purpose to train the ESR with the latest advancements in VLC technology, as well as in measurement and experimental technology in general. The second half, led by PLF, focuses on research commercialization.


16th June 2021: Training on VLC Technology (UEDIN)

Time (CEST)  Training module  Talk explain   Responsible 

10:40 11:10 



Optical Wireless Communications 



Talk on Optical Wireless Communications 


Dr W. Popoola 

Dr M. Safari 


Coffee break 
11:30-12:30  VLC Transceiver Design 

(Virtual Workshop) 

Introduction to VLC transceiver design in LTSpice  UEDIN 
14:30-15:30  VLC Transceiver Design 

(Virtual Workshop) 

Transceiver design in LTSpice  UEDIN 
Coffee break 


VLC Transceiver Design 

(Virtual Workshop) 

Design performance evaluation/presentation   UEDIN 

18th June 2021: Research commercialization (PLF)

Time (CEST)  Training module  Talk explain   Responsible 
9:30–9:40  Opening   Introduction  Rui Bian 
9:40-10:40  Talk 1  LiFi ecosystem  Nikola Serafimovski 
Coffee break 
11:00-12:00  Talk 2  Talk on agile project management; how to manage a team  Alan Kitching 
14:00-15:00  Talk 3  Talk on Research commercialization 


Sarah Scace 
Coffee break 


Talk 4  ‘The LiFi Journey and its Potential Toward Net-zero Wireless Networks’  Harald Haas 
15:50 – 16:15  Information & Instruction  ‘How to make full use of your results’ – introduction on the available services for a successful dissemination and exploitation (D&E)  Rui Bian 
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